TAB app improvements on the way!

I found myself an interesting new email pal last week after I contacted the Racing Board to see why I missed out on the mea culpa email after the inglorious crash of the TAB’s betting system.


Credit where it is due, he did his best to discover why I didn’t get the apology, which was much appreciated.  While I had his attention I did use the opportunity to bring up another couple of pet peeves and – more kudos – he was forthcoming with information around both.


The first, raised here last week was the lack of information provided for runners on the TAB betting app.  Actually, interesting aside here, a couple of (male) friends I spoke to about said app had managed to confuse themselves thinking the mobile website was the same as the app – blokes! Anyway, my gripe is apparently about to be addressed with an updated app to go out this week…..I am counting the days!


Another irritant of mine – the fact I am able to load money into my account via a card, yet the same process does not work in reverse.  Sometimes it is just not possible to get to a TAB to withdraw money and I really would like the chance to put some winnings back on the card.  Apparently, a transfer of funds project has begun and, once the banks all decide to play ball, this will be a happening thing.  My email pal couldn’t give me the exact date but promised to keep me in the loop.


All in all, it was quite a positive encounter.  The thing which really struck me though was the following comment he made in one email: “I appreciate feedback so again I welcome hearing from you. Its the customers needs that will drive our business not our teams thinking.”[sic]


He followed up with information about a national punting competition to be held at Addington with the winner heading to Las Vegas in early 2018 for the National Horse Players’ Championship with an estimated pool of $2.5m. The winner of the Hawke’s Bay Punter of the Year will gain entry into a field of 40 at Addington thus having to ensure their punting knowledge spreads across both codes!


I discussed this with a friend who has won and placed in a number of prominent galloping Punter of the Year events over the past two decades and he admitted he wouldn’t be a cross-code starter. It wouldn’t rock my boat either.  Still, I guess they get points for trying!


In the meantime, I will be watching and waiting to see what improvements have been made to the app and counting down to when the transfer of funds can bounce back my way!