First blog post

This blog has been a long time coming. I have often thought about committing my thoughts about the good, bad and sometimes ugly I have encountered in the racing world.

Over the years the world of racing journalism in New Zealand has shrunk to be virtually non-existent.  Very few papers have a dedicated racing writer  – shout out to the fabulous Otago Daily Times, where I earned my stripes, for being one to buck the trend.

Racing stories in papers and online tend to follow a formula – they either focus on a horse/trainer/jockey’s chances in a forthcoming race or they wrap up the details of how said horse/trainer/jockey won a particular race.  The latter comes complete with the quotes those of us watching Trackside have already heard with our very own ears. So, we are left with racing reporting by numbers.

Other than the odd (and I use the word intentionally) chat room, there is nowhere for racing aficionados to discuss the highs and lows of Kiwi racing.

I will be using this blog to express my own views on what is happening in the industry and welcome your thoughts, via comments. Trolls be warned – I have been insulted by the very best in the business!